Granger Smith Honors America’s Heroes In Powerful Documentary

As Granger Smith says, “Don’t You Love It When The Good Guys Win.” Yes we do, and Smith proved exactly why he is one this past week with his all new, all original documentary, “They Were There: A Hero’s Documentary.”

Granger takes the audience on a five day excursion through the west Texas desert, where he spends each day focusing and honoring a fallen soldier. Granger and his team were sent profiles of 323 fallen soldiers, and while he would love to give attention to each and everyone, Granger narrowed it down to five soldiers, who fought and died for our freedoms. There’s a soldier Granger personally knew, who actually worked on his security detail when Granger was performing overseas, while another made it home from Afghanistan, but was never the same, ultimately taking his own life.

Throughout the journey, one can tell how appreciative Granger is of not only these five individuals, but of all of those who have served and are currently serving. Each family of the fallen solider honored sent Granger a package of their loved one’s belongings. From dog tags to photo albums to clothing, Granger took a physical piece of the soldier on his excursion through the desert. It’s impossible to make it through this 50 minute documentary without shedding a tear, or hundreds of tears for that matter.

What is a documentary without music? Granger Smith gave us two new songs to go with the piece:

“I’m a Fan” is a classic, small town, feel good Granger Smith song while “They Were There” is more in line with Toby Keith’s “American Soldier.” “They Were There” has powerful and relatable lyrics as Granger sings “We were here…splittin’ ourselves into red and blue states…they were there fightin’ back on the front lines, Strappin’ up their boots before the sunrise.” 

Thank you Granger for not only giving us the new music, but for giving us names to say aloud and to thank as we close our eyes in our warm, safe homes. Names of the soldiers who gave everything, so we can continue to live in the home of the free.