No need to “Plead the Fifth” on this one. Kip Moore knocks it out of the park with his latest, all acoustic album.

Kip Moore certainly knows how to give his fans exactly what they want.

Plead the Fifth, the 7 track EP acoustic album gives fans the Kip they love: honest, unabashed songs from their favorite gravelly voice. Before the album dropped, Moore gave fans a tease by releasing “Tennesse Boy,” one of Moore’s favorite songs he has written. It feels nostalgic for him; a carefree feeling that reminds him of growing up. And it was also the best indicator as to what was in store for the rest of the album.

This album, maybe due to the lack of a full band, has an old school vibe to it, like something straight out of Woodstock. It all begins with “Plead the Fifth” which was also the first song of Moore’s latest full length album Slowheart. Hearing the song acoustically is what makes me believe all artists should record at least one acoustic album in their career. When listening to songs such as “Come Home With You,” a very polite song about having a few drinks and not going home alone, or “Love You To The Moon” fans and music lovers alike are rewarded with a stripped down song that focuses solely on the lyrics and the voice. It’s as organic as music gets, and is what makes all music, especially country music so great.

The album has all the themes you are used to hearing on an album; songs of heartbreak and regret with “Wish It Was Me” and ”It Ain’t California” or a deeply personal, self reflective song in “Part of Growing Up.”

Moore doesn’t take any short cuts with the lyrics of each track. He is 100% who he is, and fans respond to that. And if a seven song album wasn’t enough, Moore is taking those songs on the road for a mini tour around the Midwest. It’s no surprise that each city has already sold out. Kip knows what the people want.