Kane Brown’s Latest Album “Experiment” Aims to Propel Him To Superstardom

The Friday before the CMA Awards, Kane Brown released his sophomore album Experiment. Unfortunately because it was released during the hustle and bustle of CMA Awards week it might not have received the attention and praise it deserves.

With three #1 songs under his belt, Kane Brown is already a household name in country music. They question now appears to be, “What is his ceiling?” After listening to the entirety of Experiment it’s clear that he’s going to be a star, with the potential to be a superstar similar to what Luke Bryan and Blake Shelton have become this decade.

The album starts off with a mysterious and modern wild-west sounding “Come Back to Me.” One of the better tracks on the album is “Good As You” a love letter he sings to his new bride Katelyn Jae. “Lose It” is a song Kane released this summer as a teaser for this upcoming album. Modern and more country sounding than some of his other songs, it was apparent that he had a hit on his hands. It recently toppled “Meant to Be” from the top of the Billboard Country Charts.

“It Ain’t You It’s Me” is a painful song about dealing with heartbreak, taking a unique spin on the popular phrase for breakups. This definitely has single potential. “Short Skirt Weather” is a bit of an odd song when included with the rest of the album. It gives off a summer vibe, so this could hit airwaves next year. “Homesick” is the type of song that separates Kane from others. His ability to go from an upbeat jam in “Lose It” to a song with such emotion and meaning is impressive.

“Weekend” is a chill song about just hanging with your special person and keeping it simple. “Work” is another song that has single potential, as it’s a stripped down song about how love can be difficult, but it’s worth it if both people but in the effort. “One Night Only” is a typical Kane Brown song that’s right in his wheel house. It’s a sweet love song, that’s not a ballad but not a party anthem. If I had to guess what his next single would be, it’s “My Where I Come From.” It’s made for country music. It’s the message, the sound, and his vocals.

He hits on culture and politics in “American Bad Dream” a song about how we need to improve things as a country and as society. “Live Forever” is another love ballad in Brown’s wheelhouse. It’s easy to see why he has a growing fan base. The last song on the album – “Lost in the Middle of Nowhere” – is an absolute jam. Singing with Becky G, a pop artist, the two bring a ton of energy to this fun song. It wouldn’t surprise me the least to see this become a huge hit for the two as it has a ton of crossover appeal.

It’s clear that Brown has found his wheel house in the types of songs that are his strength, that being the vulnerable and honest songs that are in between a slow ballad and party anthem. That being said, he can clearly crush the slower ballads and bring the energy in the up-tempo party anthems. There’s a ton to like on Experiment. The best thing for Brown is that there are multiple songs that have the potential to rocket up the charts to become his next #1.

We might be looking back on this album as the one that propelled Kane Brown to superstardom.