Levi Hummon Shows Off His Songwriting and Vocals in New EP “Patient”

How appropriate that Levi Hummon’s latest EP is titled Patient, because fans have been patiently waiting for new music from the Nashville native.

Hummon treated fans to sneak peaks into the album by releasing songs “Change My Life” in August and “Patient” at the beginning of October. From these two songs and the rest of the six track album, it is clear that Hummon is a songwriter through and through. And while we may give some credit to his genes (his father Marcus Hummon is a Grammy winning songwriter) Levi deserves all the accolades for his recent success.

He can definitely sing too, as evident in “I Still Do” where he makes reaching his upper register seem effortless. With “Tough Love” we can see how other music influences find their way into Hummon’s writing. This is a fun, upbeat, R&B sounding song with a misleading title. Hummon definitely has a knack for this songwriting thing. “Earthquake” is the album’s heartbreak song, perhaps the song that comes across as the most personal.

“Songs We Sang” may be the most unique sounding song on the album. It’s a familiar theme in country to reminisce on days gone by, but Levi hits on something different, you don’t remember every night, or every name from your favorite memories, but you never forget your favorite song, or which song dominated that particular moment in your life.

Although he grew up in Nashville, and has personal ties to the music business, Levi Hummon is forging his own path, and understands the ups and downs to the industry. According to him, he just wants to keep writing songs, and as fans we hope he never stops sharing those songs with us.