Artist You Need to Know: Rachel Wammack

Rachel Wammack is the next female singer in country music that you’re going to be hearing about. Wammack is a singer-songwriter from Alabama who recently made the full-time move to Nashville after graduating college.

Wammack sings about real life and comes across as very authentic in the lyrics she writes and sings.  She’s the type of singer that women can look to for those carefully crafted lyrics to describe their point of view in a relationship; good or bad. Her ability for her voice to go back and forth from powerful to soft is such a great skill for an artist to have.

Earlier this year she signed a recording deal with Sony Music Nashville. She’s joining Tyler Rich on Brett Young’s winter tour, which is set to kickoff in November. Brett Young always draws a large crowd so fingers crossed this bodes well for Wammack as she looks to grow her fan base.

This April, she released her self-titled debut EP. You can get a sense of just how powerful her voice is with the four track project.

The EP starts out with “Damage,” a vulnerable song that has Wammack singing from the perspective of a bartender who sees the good, the bad, and everything in between when it comes to love. “Love can do some damage” is a powerful line that will really make you think.

“Hard to Believe” is a more uptempo song about how weird things can be following a relationship ending. It’s not necessarily that it’s a bad thing, it’s just something different. We almost get into a routine and can’t imagine doing things differently.

Some people want closure, others don’t. Wammack sings about the difficulty of closure – in the way that once you get that closure it might mean that it’s officially over. So do you really want closure? She absolutely nails this as you can feel the emotion she sings with in “Closure.”

She concludes the EP with “My Boyfriend Doesn’t Speak for Me Anymore.” This is the type of uplifting anthem that girls of any age can relate to and find inspiration. Wammack sings with confidence about putting herself first.