Artist You Need to Know: Smithfield

She’s a little bit country. He’s a little bit rock and roll. Together they make something amazing.

Smithfield is an up and coming country duo comprised of Trey Smith and Jennifer Fielder, childhood friends, whose parents and grandparents also grew up as friends. However, it wasn’t until college, both living in separate cities, that the idea of a singing career started to take place. After Trey’s band broke up, he reached out to Jennifer, knowing that she could sing, and asked if she would play a few shows. From there the duo spent a few years making long weekend trips to Nashville to join writing circles, network and of course play music.

A year after deciding to make the move permanent they were signed by Bigger Picture Music Group. As the ups and downs of the music business goes, the company folded just as Smithfield was ready to go on their radio tour. Trey and Jennifer lost all their songs in the collapse and had to start from square one.

Taking matters into their own hands, the two used their own money and took out a loan to jump start their self-titled EP in 2015. The 7 track album has everything from fun summer jams “Cooler” and “Good Ole Days” to more serious, sentimental tunes including “If I Were You.” Most importantly the duo was heard. It is rare to have a duo of one male, one female (strictly platonic), and a combination of both those voices is something new and refreshing on the Nashville scene.

Perhaps the best known song of the Smithfield, with nearly 4 million Spotify streams is “When You’re Gone,” but the song that is catapulting the duo into the conversation is “Hey Whiskey.” Trey and Jennifer really believed in this song and spent the summer on a radio tour promoting it. The music video was picked up by CMT, which led to Smithfield’s Opry debut. This summer Smithfield released more new music to fans including “If It Ain’t You” and “Our World.”

While country radio is still waking up to this talented duo, pick up your phone, open whichever music app you use and start listening to some Smithfield, and you’ll see that they are what country music has been missing.