Walker Montgomery Makes His Introduction With Debut EP “Simple Town”

Walker Montgomery is no stranger to country music. His dad is John Michael Montgomery and his uncle is Eddie Montgomery from Montgomery Gentry. He’s been around the industry, but now it’s his time to try and make his mark on country music. Last Friday, Montgomery released his debut EP Simple Town.

There’s a lot to like on the EP. There is a heartfelt song about a truck, a heartbreak song about the one you can’t get over, and a song about life in a small town. It’s the perfect country music EP to debut with. You can hear his dad and uncle’s influence in the songs, but make no mistake about it – Montgomery has the chops to make it on his own.

“Just Say When” is the lead track on the EP. Montgomery sings about a failed relationship that is hard to get over. Even though he’s been hurt from it in the past, deep down in his heart he knows he would answer the phone and give it another try.

“Burnin’ 18” is a classic country song about falling in love in the bed of a truck. Montgomery has said that Luke Bryan is an artist he looks up to, and you can imagine Luke cutting this song.

“You Heard It Here First” was co-written with Devin Dawson but it sounds like it would be influenced by Montgomery’s dad. It’s a heartfelt song about that girl who catches your eye and stands out from the rest of them.

“Simple Town” is a catchy tune about the picturesque life in a small town. This is a song that the majority of country music fans can relate to on some level.

“Just A Truck” is a carefully written song about the bond a guy has with his truck. Even if it’s not a truck in your case, chances are there’s a vehicle that you’ve experienced a ton in. It’s more than a vehicle – it’s part of you and who you were at a certain point in life.