HARDY Grabs the Mic in Debut EP “THIS OLE BOY”

HARDY (Michael Hardy) is a country music songwriter who has penned top hits “Up Down” and “Simple.” This time, he decided to release his own music and show country music what he’s all about.

If you’re a fan of Morgan Wallen, Florida Georgia Line, or Luke Combs then it’s safe to say you’re going to be a fan of HARDY and his EP. The EP has four songs and HARDY sings about the simple-small town, getting down and dirty, country lifestyle in each of the songs. If you’re someone who isn’t a fan of the modern country music, you’ll find comfort with these songs about the country life.

“THIS OLD BOY” is a song that most country guys can relate to. They’re going to do all of their outdoors activities, get dirty, and work hard, but most importantly at the end of the day they’re going to love their family.

“REDNECKER” is a fun song about a true country guy competing with other country guy’s about who is more country. This song could go viral, especially if the “real country” guys grab ahold of it.

“THROWBACK” is a song about the “good ole days” and how sometimes we wish we could go back. It’s more than a “Throwback Thursday” kind of vibe.

If you’re looking for the ultimate song about trucks “4X4” is that song. Hop up in your truck and go mudding. You might as well throw this jam on while doing so.