Throwback Jam: “Gone Country”

For many country fans, ’90’s Country’ is where it all began. It’s the music that influenced today’s artists and the decade that produced so many stars, that it showed the nation that country music wasn’t just something for cowboy hat wearing boys in the south.

Alan Jackson is one of the most successful artist of all time, but the 90’s is where he really shined. In November of 1994 he released the song “Gone Country;” a tune that perfectly exemplifies the migration of young hopefuls that traveled to Nashville to stake a claim in the country scene.

As with most of Jackson’s songs, “Gone Country” hit number one on the country charts. The song was written by Bob McDill, and was Jackson’s third single off his fourth album Who I Am. Country is definitely who Jackson is, and with this song, who wouldn’t want to “go country.”

Be sure to enjoy the music video as well. What screams country more than denim overalls, a mullet, cowboy hat and some fringe, added for good measure?