Morgan Evans Impresses In Debut Album “Things We Drink To”

Morgan Evans has been an artist we along with many country music fans have had their eye on this year. Prior to 2018, he was most well-known for being married to Kelsea Ballerini. That’s about to change as he’s introduced himself to country fans and is ready to make a name for himself. If 2018 is an indicator of what’s to come – expect a big 2019.

His debut album “Things We Drink To” is going to be a big part of his success in 2019. We’ve heard singles and EPs in the past, but Evans finally released a full project.

The album kicks off with “American,” a fun song from the Aussie describing the one and only Kelsea Ballerini. “Kiss Somebody” is the breakout song that led to Evans becoming more well-known in the industry and amongst country music fans. It reached the top of the charts a few weeks ago.

“I Do” is a peppy love song, that is more along the lines of romantic comedy, than a wedding day proclamation of commitment. He follow that up with “Song for the Summer” which is the classic summer fling song that is white hot and lightening quick, but ends before you know it. “Day Drunk” might be the funnest song on the entire album. How can you go wrong with a little day drinking? This is a tailgate and boating song if I’ve ever heard one.

The best song on the album has to be the duet he has with his wife. “Dance With Me” is a beautifully written and harmonized love song. This has serious First Dance song potential. If you’re getting married in the next calendar year, it has to be on your short list. He keeps the romance going with “Me on You,” a steamy song about being passionately in love.

The title track “Things That We Drink To” is the type of song you put on while your sitting around the fire with your friends having a beer or a glass of wine. “We Dream” is an uplifting song about never giving up and chasing your dreams, no matter how big they seem. Evans then sings in “Everything Changes” about how things can be going wrong where you just can’t find “it” with someone, but all it takes is that one look, that one smile, or that one laugh to make it click. He ends the album with “Young Again,” a folksy-fun song that’s about living in the moment and living life to the fullest.

There’s a lot to like on this album. Evans is immensely talented and has a very bright future. If you’re unfamiliar with him or some of his songs, seriously give him a try. If you’re already a Morgan Evans fan, crank it and sing at the top of your lungs.