Throwback Jam: What Do You Say?

This song is clearly not a “jam.” But it is the perfect representation of what country music is all about.

Reba McEntire released this powerful and emotional song in the summer of 1999. While it didn’t end up reaching #1 in country charts, peaking at #3, it had success in other genres reaching #31 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart, becoming her highest charting crossover single to this day.

This may not be the first song you think of when you think of Reba. It may not even be one of the first 10 songs you think about. But with this song, Reba showed us what country music is all about.

It’s about the lyrics and the emotion that it makes someone feel as they listen to it. Country music is about real life things – and this song is certainly no different as it touches on tough subject matters throughout life. The last verse is the most powerful describing end of life, something that is hard to process, describe, and talk about. Let’s be honest, what do you say?

Reba is the queen of music videos and you see that in this music video as well. It’s real. It hits you to the core. It makes you feel something; in this case sadness.