Artist You Need to Know: Seth Ennis

Learn the name, memorize the name, and don’t forget the name. Seth Ennis is going to be a big name in country music.

The Georgia native grew up loving country music, and due to his military family spent a lot of his youth moving from base to base, spending a few years in Japan. Ennis credits his upbringing for not only instilling his love of country music but also for the other musical influences that he weaves into his own songs.

In 2016 Ennis released his debut single “Woke Up In Nashville” a song which he played every instrument for in the studio, including his background vocals.

It’s his latest single “Call Your Mama” that is already turning heads the country world. While out on tour in the UK with Little Big Town, Ennis would play the song, and with encouragement from Little Big Town’s leading ladies, Karen and Kimberly, Ennis decided this would be the next song to hit the radio airwaves. It only gets better, as Little Big Town lends their harmonies, to an already great song. It’s such a simple and easy thing, that everyone should do. Call your Mom, just to chat, and Ennis put all those thoughts into a beautifully written song. The music video is also going viral. Grab a box of tissues and pull up the video (perhaps not in a public setting).

While Ennis can play any instrument out there, song writing is just as much his strength. In one writing session with Morgan Evans, who had just started dating Kelsea Ballerini, Ennis half-jokingly said that they should write a song called “Hooked” as sort a “sequel” to Ballerini’s hit “Peter Pan.” Joking or not, who hasn’t heard Dylan Scott’s smash hit “Hooked?” It peaked at number 2 on the charts, and spent a considerable amount of time in the Top 10.

The most recent hit that Seth has been a part of is Lauren Alaina’s latest, and super personal “Three.” If Ennis keeps writing his like this, his Nashville career is going to take off, because not only can he write for other artists, but his own music is something can hold it’s own.

His 2017 EP Mabelle includes the hit “Woke Up In Nashville” and “Look At You,” the later which has over 35 million streams on Spotify.

Seth Ennis is on the fast track to becoming a household name in the country music world. With numerous successful song writing credits, he clearly has made a name to those in Nashville, I can’t wait for the rest of the country to “wake up.”