Maggie Rose Shows Off Her Talents In New Album “Change the Whole Thing”

Maggie Rose is one of the most talented artists in country music.

Last year she opened for Hunter Hayes at a show and I convinced my friends that we needed to get to the show early to listen to her. While not all were huge country fans, it wasn’t long before they became fans of Maggie. She covered Drake in the middle of her set showcasing her versatility and “cool factor.” I don’t know how else to say it.

She recently dropped a new album called “Change the Whole Thing.” There’s quite a variety of songs on this album. There are the uptempo party songs, the super soulful songs, and the deep emotional songs that hit you in your core. You should listen to the entire album from start to finish as it really is a complete project that plays off of each song.

The album starts off with an absolute jam in “Do Right By Love.” It’s the type of song that makes you want to get out of your chair and just dance. “I’m Yours” is a soulful sounding song about falling for someone and the little things they do that give you that ‘it factor.’

“Change the Whole Thing” is the inspirational title track about doing a small part to make the world a better place. Following that feel good song is “Lazy Love.”Lazy Love” is that song about those perfect days where you’re literally doing nothing with your special person. Maggie gets vulnerable and honest on “Long Way to Go,” a song about realizing your relationship needs some work.

“It’s You” is a beautiful sounding song about being madly in love, while “Hey Blondie” is a funky song that is catchy and will have you tapping your toes. The next song is just as funky, heck it’s sassy and spunky. “Smooth” is a song about awaiting the guy’s opening line to impress the girl…it better be smooth. “Magic Man” is yet another love song that has Maggie pouring out all her feelings through carefully crafted lyrics.

“Just Getting By” is a song about real life and how as long as you have THAT person next to you, anything thrown your way can be handled. It’s followed up with another love song about leading another in a relationship called “Pull You Through.” The album concludes with “The Letter,” a cover of rock band ‘The Box Tops’ number one hit from 1967.