Artist You Need to Know: Taylor Acorn

This girl is going to be a superstar. I’m convinced. Put it this way, I’d be buying a ton of Taylor Acorn stock.

Taylor Acorn is a 24 year-old singer and songwriter from Lynchburg, Virginia. She became interested in songwriting because of her dad who passed away when she was eight. He was a big writer and that inspired Taylor to write.

After two years at college, Taylor decided to pursue her dreams of being a singer and songwriter in Nashville. Shortly after releasing her song “Put It In A Song” she was invited into a writers group headlined by well known songwriter Dallas Davidson.

Taylor has a modern country-pop sound to her but it’s her voice that truly captures your attention. It’s so powerful and unique. Just from hearing her voice alone, I think you’ll agree that the sky is truly the limit for her. Combine that with her clever and vulnerable songwriting in the same light as a Taylor Swift, and she’s the total package.

She released her debut EP last year titled “Put It in a Song.” That EP features the title track which has amassed over 2 million plays on Spotify. We’re hoping that an opening tour is in store for her in the near future as more people need to know who Taylor Acorn is.

Put It in a Song


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