Holloway Road’s EP “Broke” Aims To Put The Country Duo on the Map

Holloway Road released their EP “Broke” back on September 14. The duo from the UK has a unique sound to their blended voices and that’s no different with this EP.

After opening for The Shires and Lindsay Ell in the past, it seems like Holloway Road is ready for a larger stage and a more prominent spotlight.

Hang Over Here is probably my favorite song on the entire EP. It has such a fun sound to it, there’s no other way to describe it. A very fun play on words.

Autograph is a truly country sounding song. You might not get a Golden Star in Hollywood but there are plenty of other forms of fame and recognition.

Get the Girl is a song that most guys can relate to about a girl that catches his eye from across the room.

Something Like This is a modern country-pop sounding song about just having a good time with that someone special no matter what you’re doing.

Broke is the title track that hits on a common issue that the younger millennial generation can probably relate to. The former flame keeps on popping into your head but you aren’t sure if the two of you are truly good together and it’s worth giving it another shot. So for now, you do nothing. Some call it ghosting, but maybe it’s just the right move.

Reckless is the classic song about the good and bad swings of a relationship. It can be super frustrating, but the duo do this song justice with the way they sing it and the music that accompanies it.