Artist You Need to Know: Faren Rachels

Calling all 90’s country music lovers…do we have the artist for you.

Imagine rolling Miranda Lambert, Ashley McBryde, and Trisha Yearwood together.

You get Faren Rachels.

Faren has been singing since she could talk, but she is just getting her feet planted in the Nashville scene. Faren sang wherever she could: her high school choir, at church, talent shows, and then during college, putting a band together and hitting the bar scene. Faren decided to finally take the chance and move to Nashville.

The Georgia native grew up an hour away from where Trisha Yearwood also grew up, and it is evident that Rachels mirrors her own music and style after Yearwood. A true 90’s child, Faren idolized not just Yearwood, but other greats like Faith Hill, Reba and Sara Evans. Not only is it evident in the tone of her voice, but the songs she writes and sings could easily have been found blasting a radio station in 1996.

She loves the sound of a steel guitar and some fiddle playing, but also wants her music to feel current and fresh. That combination is exactly what she accomplished on her 5 song, self-titled EP. Rolling Stone named Faren as one of the “Top 10 Artists You Need to Know” in the fall of 2017, and it’s evident why. Her music has the ability to appeal to fans of the old 90’s music, yet still captures the ears of the new generation.

With fun and sassy songs, such as “Free Drinks” and “Uber Driver,” Faren also can write deeply personal and self-reflective songs, as seen in “If I’m  Being Honest” and “If It Ain’t Fixed.” A true nod to her 90’s roots comes with “When Smoking Was Cool.” Now the song does not imply smoking is cool, but it is a felling and longing for a simpler time, when the world turned a little bit slower.

The best part is, Faren shows no signs of slowing down. Earlier this year she toured with and became good friends with Luke Combs. He even makes an appearance in her music video for “Uber Driver.” This past Friday, Faren released her latest single “On Paper.” A song about how perhaps her love doesn’t look good on paper, but really it is everything she needs. Check this song out. And then proceed to check out the rest of her songs.