Thomas Rhett Releases Three New Songs

Thomas Rhett released the deluxe version of his album Life Changes. Life Changes was his best work so these three additional tracks are like the cherry on top of a delicious cake.

All three songs are distinctively different, but that’s who he is. He pushes the envelope and takes plenty of risks. But when he does so, he pours his entire feelings into the song. It appears that he’s working on a new album as well, so these three songs should hold you over until 2019.

When We’re 80 – This is the typical “Thomas Rhett song” where he shows off his love for his wife. If you’re a hopeless romantic this song is for you.

Cardboard Heart – A catchy song with a unique spin about what it would be like to not actually feel emotions such as love and hurt.

Country Gold – Bruno Mars meets country music. This is a fun and funky one, that sadly doesn’t actually feature Bruno Mars. Sorry if I got your hopes up.