The Boys of Fall

It’s simply the best time of the year.

Warm days, cold nights, leaves changing color, and football is back. From little tykes on up to the NFL, there is always some level of football to be watching each night of the week.

Country music superstar Kenny Chesney has always made his love of football well known. From competing on his high school team in East Tennessee, to becoming good friends with New Orleans Saints head coach, Sean Peyton, football seems to encompass Chesney’s life nearly as much as music.

Chesney was introduced to the song “Boys of Fall” by the songs writers, Casey Beathard and Dave Turnball. Beathard claims he heard the phrase “miss the boys of fall” and it stuck with him, until a writing session with Turnball, where the topic of football came up, and Beathard knew they had to write a song. Both knew they wanted to center it around more than just football. It had to be about the life lessons learned from the sport, and how much it affects a town and the community.

It didn’t take long for the rest of the country to catch onto what a unique and relatable song “Boys of Fall” is. The song debuted at #17 on the country charts in 2010, Chesney’s highest debut since 2007. It went on to become his 12th number one single, and peaked at 18 on the US Billboard charts. ESPN even dedicated a segment to the release of the music video.

The video itself is like a mini documentary. Opening with scenes of a highly motivating and emotional speech from Sean Payton to his old high school team, and continuing on showing scenes of commentary from some of the greats, Peyton Manning, Brett Favre, Tony Dungy, and Joe Namath, all sharing how football was more than just a game for them.

So maybe you are holding on to the last strings of summer, not sure how it suddenly became the middle of September. Turn up “The Boys of Fall,” throw around the old pigskin, and start yelling at the refs on TV, because football is back.