You’re Gonna Want to Listen to Runaway June’s Debut EP

If you’re unfamiliar with Runaway June, you may want to familiarize yourself with the group.

Runaway June is a female group that consists of Naomi Cooke, Hannah Mulholland, and Jennifer Wayne. Fun fact – Jennifer Wayne is the granddaughter of John Wayne. Yes, that John Wayne. Since the Dixie Chicks have faded into the background, groups like Runaway June (as well as Maddie & Tae) are looking to break through and set the new standard.

Runaway June definitely has some Dixie Chicks sound to them, but may be even more traditionally sounding than even the Dixie Chicks were. Their vocals blend together really nicely, especially if you get the chance to hear them live.

They’re going out on tour with Carrie Underwood and Maddie & Tae in 2019, so make sure you familiarize yourself with this talented group by checking out their EP.

Buy My Own Drinks – A catchy song about being a party of one. Sometimes you don’t need your wingman or your girlfriends to have a good time. Not that anyone here at Raised On It has or hasn’t done this – but it’s definitely doable to create your own fun.

I Am Too – Getting over someone can be really tough. We think about them far more often than we like to admit.

Got Me Where I Want You – Sometimes we know that in the back of our mind, the person we’re attracted to isn’t someone we’re normally attracted to or want to be attracted to. This is that song.

Fast As You – Yes this is that Dwight Yoakam hit you’re familiar with. Their cover of it is super impressive and takes you back to the 90s.

Wild West – Living dangerously and loving like the good ole days. This song uses a few fun play on words throughout the song to tell the story of the love that is desired.