Jillian Jacqueline Flips the Cassette and Shows Us Side B

In September of 2017, Jillian Jacqueline released her EP titled “Side A.” That EP includes “Reasons,” her biggest song to this day with over 15 million streams and an additional 4 million streams on the acoustic version.

In September of this year she blessed us with Side B – the flip side of the cassette if you will. It features the super popular “If I Were You” that she sings with Keith Urban and a few additional songs that will have you connecting with. Don’t be surprised to see her have a Carly Pearce type of year where she bursts on to the country music scene and becomes a household name.

The thing with Jillian that stands out, is if you’re able to take some time and really listen to the songs, are her lyrics. She’s such a clever songwriter and often times finds unique ways to phrase things, or tricks the listener into listening to a song that is the opposite of what the title selected.

She absolutely kills it on Side B.

Priorities – Life gets busy and sometimes relationships get stale. But this song is about overcoming that and the importance of having someone that you can call your priority.

Tragic – Some days don’t go according to plan. Heck, even some years are worse than others but that’s what makes us who we are. When we look back, we may even realize the situation wasn’t that bad after all. Jillian sings her heart out and shares her personal story in this one.

If I Were You – As mentioned earlier, she sings this with Keith Urban. It’s a smash, and hopefully it takes off on country radio. This song pits Jillian against herself as she has a new love interest but still can’t get past the previous guy.

Friends – When you find that someone special, they’re more than just a boyfriend or girlfriend, or husband and wife. Hopefully they’re also your best friend, which is what this song is about.

Sad Girls – Lyrically with this one, Jillian paints a picture of a sad ending to a relationship. The details in the lyrics that paint this picture if you really pay attention and enjoy the power of this song.

Somebody – Somehow, someway, there is “somebody” for each of us, as Jillian tells us in this fun song and video.