Abby Anderson’s EP “I’m Good” Is Better Than Just Good…It’s Phenomenal.

Abby Anderson released her debut EP titled “I’m Good.” And let’s be honest – it’s better than good. It’s phenomenal.

Abby is a 21 year-old from Texas who brings her youthful energy and all around fun to the country music scene. Check out her social media accounts, in particular Instagram, and you’ll see how much fun she really is. This fall she’s going out on tour with Kip Moore, which is a pretty big deal.

This EP has a lot to offer even with only five songs. You’re able to hear her fun and youthful side, but also hear her get emotional and serious on some songs as well. She executes both styles flawlessly.

I’m Good – This is a catchy, sassy song about being “good” in the way most of us feel at some point. “Nah, I’m good.”

Make Him Wait – This is a powerful ballad that will connect with many girls as well as parents of daughters.

This Feeling – A song about falling in love where Abby is able to showcase her powerful range.

Dance Away My Broken Heart – This is such a fun song to get up and dance to. You’re guaranteed to like it.

Naked Truth – Another feisty song but this time it’s about dealing with a love interest who did her wrong.