Artist You Need to Know: Walker McGuire

What does it take to make a successful duo? First, find someone who enjoys the same type of music as you. Second, start creating new music together. Or maybe just bypass step one and still manage to make amazing new music.

Up and coming country duo, Walker McGuire, are the definition of opposites attracting. Having met at a stage at a Writers Round in Nashville, the two quickly realized that despite their differences, they had something special.

Jordan Walker, the stereotypical country boy from Texas grew up listing to the likes of Keith Whitley and other country acts. Jordan McGuire, from Kansas, grew up to the likes of Tom Petty. This is not to say that a Walker McGuire song sounds like a Keith Whitley-Tom Petty mashup, but it does reflect the ever evident influence of other genres that have made their way into country music. Add this to Walker McGuire’s RIDICULOUS harmonies and you’ve got a recipe for a dynamic new country act.

Their debut single “Til Tomorrow” has been streamed over 26 million times on Spotify and was a Top 3 added song to country radio upon its release. The song speaks of getting over a relationship, going out, having a great time, knowing you are over that person, that “you’ll never love them again…til tomorrow.” While the song has been a huge success for the duo and introduced them to an entirely new fan base, Walker McGuire can give you those songs that make you want to roll the windows down and turn the music up.

“Best Kinda Bad” (my personal favorite), is a jam that can get anyone – boy or girl, young or old, country or pop – up and out of their seats dancing along. Both songs come of their EP released in early 2018.

Rounding it out comes songs such as “Mysteries of the World” which along with asking “Where did DB Cooper go?” asks how the guy got the girl. The song “Lost” is about how a girl can make a guy feel like a country boy’s first time in the city, while “18 Forever,” is pretty self-explanatory, but who doesn’t love a song reminiscing about the good ole days?

Having just released two new songs within the last month, “I’m On It” and “You Don’t Even Know,” Walker McGuire prove there is no slowing down in their future. Playing nearly 300 shows a year, the duo is putting in the hard work and building a strong and dedicated fan base, one person at a time.

Best Kind of Bad

Til Tomorrow