UK Country Spotlight: Andy Brown

While not necessarily a new voice in the UK music world, Andy Brown, after years of being the front man in the highly success group, Lawson, is pulling a Justin Timberlake, and striking out on his own.

While only 30 years old, Brown has experienced enough life changing events of someone who has lived a full life. He was diagnosed with a brain tumor at the age of 19, which was discovered when he suddenly went deaf in one ear. The tumor was successfully removed by Dr. Lawson, who Brown and the rest of the band honored by changing their name from The Groves, to simply Lawson.

Then in 2014, while a night out in Liverpool, a spiked drink caused Brown to wake up the next morning with no recollection of the night before. And things only got worse. For two weeks he could barely eat or drink, his skin began to turn yellow. After checking himself into the hospital, he found out his liver was failing and was put on a transplant list.

His near-death experience, as cliché as it may sound, changed Brown’s outlook on life. His rock and roll lifestyle with Lawson, while fun and exciting, wasn’t exactly the fulfilment he thought he needed. It was at this time that Brown realized he had a deep love for country music, and he knew it was something he wanted to pursue.

He began by releasing two EP albums, Country Sessions Vol 1 and 2, in which he covers the likes of Cam, Dan + Shay, and Lady Antebellum. Check out his cover of “Tequila;” he can give Shay Mooney a run for his money.

Brown’s first original single “Landslide” a duet with Crissie Rhodes (one half of The Shires) gave fans a good look as to the direction Brown was heading; that Nashville sound mixed with a blues and pop flavor. Brown felt that this single was a good step to getting his foot in the door in country music. Having a name such as Crissie on it, who is a huge success as part of the Shires, Brown knew the song would get recognition.

His second single, “Talk of the Town” is what he wants to consider his true first single, and a good glimpse as to what kind of music Brown wants to make.

While we are anxiously awaiting the release of his new album “Cedarmont,” (his label or other higher ups, keep pushing back the release date) the songs we have been lucky enough to hear give us a good idea as to what we are getting from Brown.

The songs that have been released give us insight into all the makings that a country album should have; a knock out duet with “Landslide,” a powerful ballad “Breaking Your Heart,” a smooth pop tune with “Put That Record On,” a deeply personal and a heartbreaking song in “Hallow.”

The best part is that today, Brown releases his third single “About Last Night.”

Starting over in a completely new genre is a terrifyingly brave thing to do, but I think this is the music Andy Brown should be singing. There is no way he doesn’t become anything but more successful.


Talk of the Town