UK Country Spotlight: The Wandering Hearts

The best thing, but perhaps the most difficult thing for an artist to do is create an album that doesn’t have a single song that you would skip; an album that you can listen straight through, and then listen to again and again. And again. “Wild Silence” by emerging folk, Americana quartet, The Wandering Hearts, is such an album. The album, released in early 2018, spent three weeks at the top of the UK Official Country Albums Chart, and still remains in the Top 10.

Introduced by mutual friends, the group, consisting of Francesca “Chess” Whiffin, Tara Wilcox, Tim Prottey-Jones and AJ Dean, found unheard of success early on. Just 30 minutes after they had uploaded some of their new material to Sound Cloud, they were contacted by their now-manager, Steve, and signed to a record label within the month. They were the 2018 recipient of the Bob Harris Emerging Artist Award at The UK Americana Awards. In June they became the first UK country group to debut at the Grand Ole Opry and the Ryman Auditorium-in the same week. Not bad for a group that has been together the better part of three years.

Claiming musical influences such as Chris Stapleton, Fleetwood Mac, and even Elvis, The Wandering Hearts are at their best when blending their pitch perfect harmonies into songs that are fresh and new, but at the same time sound familiar and comforting.

The lead single off the album “Wish I Could” speaks of broken relationships and regret that follows. By the time the quartet make it to the second refrain, you feel like clapping your hands and singing along to the “Whoa-oh’s.”

The group shows their more playful and fun side with “Fire and Water” and take you to church with the title track “Wild Silence.” They ended up writing around 60 songs for the album and worked to find the 12 best songs that would complement themselves and what they wanted the album to be. I for one am ready to start a petition for them to release the other 48 songs!

Don’t sleep on this band. The UK is lucky to have them accessible, and I’m waiting for the day they announce a North American tour, because you best believe I’m going to be in that front row.

Check out some of their songs:

Wish I Could

Fire and Water

Wild Silence