J.Adam Broome’s New Single “Stones” Will Hit You Hard

J. Adam Broome released a new single called “Stones” that’ll cut right to your core.

“Stones” is about how relationships can be messy. Often times we always want the last word, make arguments about things that should’ve been addressed in the past, and in the heat of the moment sometimes we unfortunately take shots at others we wish we wouldn’t have.

Throughout the song there are some very powerful lyrics as it was written very cleverly. The most powerful lyrics are during the chorus.

Lines such as “If you take your eyes off me, you’d see you’re the one that’s bleeding,” and “It’s gotta be lonely sitting up there on your throne. Looks like it’s only you and all your stones,” paint a vivid picture in the listener’s mind about the pain that both people in a fight are experiencing.

Broome shows off his range by changing his emotion throughout the song to really take the listener on a vulnerable journey. You can feel that this song truly means something to him.

Check out the single below: