New Music This Week: August 19

Another good week for new music, especially when Cole Swindell releases a new album. If you haven’t listened to it yet, what are you waiting for? In addition, one of the new songs released by an artist this week might be one of my favorite new songs I’ve heard all year. Check out a bunch of new music from artist you may not be familiar with.

One of the songs that sticks out on Cole Swindell’s new album “All of It” is an emotional song called “Dad’s Old Number” that will rip your heart out. Seriously, grab the tissues for this one. If you didn’t know, Cole’s father died unexpectedly a few years back so he sings this from the heart. But everyone can relate to the message.

Jillian Jacquelline released a song with Keith Urban titled “If I Were You.” If I’m being completely honest, this song is so good that it might be my favorite new song I’ve heard this year. This has the potential to really launch Jacquelline’s career and take it to another level. Her vocals are top notch and you can’t go wrong adding Urban to a song.

Eric Church released another song from his upcoming album called ‘Heart Like a Wheel.” It has a bit of a different sound to it, but if you’re a die hard Church fan chances are you’ll like it. His vocal range in this one is pretty dang impressive too.

“Stupid” singer Levi Hummon released a fun new tune called “Change My Life.” He’s one to keep your eye on. His song “Stupid” has nearly 15 million plays on Spotify. He seems like the real deal.

Logan Mize released a three song acoustic project from his album “Come Back Road.” I encourage you to check out the acoustic versions of “Better Off Gone” and “Ain’t Always Pretty” in addition to “Somebody to Thank” below. He’s such a talented artist that more people need to be aware of.

Sean Stemaly is an up and coming country singer. Check out his song he released called “Drunk Kissin’.”

Nick Aligood is another up and coming country singer. Check out his new song “Drinkin’ You Back.”


While it’s not a new song from Lindsay Ell, it is her newest single that she’ll be releasing to country radio. “Champagne” is such a fun song with clever lyrics. Take a listen to it before you hear it on your favorite radio station.