Throwback Jam: Toby Keith

In 2000, “How Do You Like Me Now?!” was released to country radio. But it was a long road to get it there in the years prior.

When Toby Keith was with Mercury Records in the 90s he had the entire How Do You Like Me Now?! album complete, but the record label wasn’t having any of it. They weren’t fans. He recorded a few more songs which the record label also didn’t like, so Keith terminated his contract and bought the rights to the album. The album also included top hits “Country Comes To Town” and “You Shouldn’t Kiss Me Like This” and was released in November of 1999.

Most of us would love to pen a song about how we are doing so great in life and sing it for the doubters and haters. Keith made that come to life with this top hit. “How Do You Like Me Now” spent five weeks at the top of the charts in the spring of 2000.

Toby Keith wrote the book on entertaining music videos and it’s no different with this song.