Kenny Chesney’s Tribute to the Islands: “Songs for the Saints”

You would think that after 16 albums and 29 number one songs Kenny Chesney would start to slow down, start showing some of his 50 years. But if anything, Kenny keeps getting better.

On July 27, Chesney released his latest album “Songs for the Saints” which produced his 30th number one song, “Get Along,” earning the most number one songs of any country artist; more than Tim McGraw, George Strait and Alan Jackson.

What is most evident from Kenny’s new album is his love and admiration for the islands and the people that call the islands home. Anyone who has followed his career knows that when Kenny isn’t touring he is down in the US Virgin Islands, soaking in the ocean air. Past hit songs such as “No Shoes, No Shirt, No Problems” and “When the Sun Go Down” give you that tropical, costal feeling. This new album has that same tropical feel but is a completely different project.

Lyrically driven, with simple melodies, many of these songs may not be ones that you can jam to in your car or can rock out a venue of 60,000 people, but these songs are powerful. Many of us forget about the destruction that Hurricane Irma and Maria wrecked in the Caribbean. We don’t see it on the evening news, but the people down there are still putting their lives together. Kenny Chesney never forgot those people.

He created a foundation called Love for Love City (also the name of a song on the album he sings with Ziggy Marley) which helps to send medical supplies, musical instruments to local schools, and aide in other parts of the recovery process. 100% of the revenue generated from this album goes directly to the foundation, therefore directly impacting the lives of the islanders.

It is so evident that this is Chesney’s most personal and meaningful album to date. From the title track “Songs for the Saints” to faster tempo “We’re All Here,” fans get the Chesney they love, while being introduced to some new sounds we haven’t heard from him before, with songs such as “Gulf Moon” and “Every Heart.”

There is a song for everyone on this album; you don’t need to live in the Caribbean to understand what Chesney is talking about. He sings universal themes: the power of community, and optimism and faith in one another. I for one am always of the opinion that country music is better when there is new Kenny Chesney music available. Go check out Songs for the Saints – your money is going to a good place and your ears will be filled with good music.