Artist You Need to Know: Jimmie Allen

Time and time again we hear stories how people left home at a young age to go chase their dream of being a singer, or an actor, or a professional athlete. They faced challenges and obstacles, and scarified everything just so they could do what they love.  Country newcomer Jimmie Allen is the epitome of this.

Moving from his home in Delaware to Nashville in 2007, Jimmie knew he wanted to sing country music. Sometimes the rise to the top isn’t as easy as moving zip codes. Allen struggled for 10 years; at one point he was living out of his car and going days with little to no food, because he was flat broke. He worked side jobs, but never missed out a song writing session or an open mic. He even ventured into stand-up comedy just to make some money.

One day a friend invited him to an event for songwriters, where Allen was introduced to publisher Ash Bowers. A week later, Allen signed a publishing deal. Now Allen’s latest break out hit “Best Shot” is on the country radio circuit, just breaking into the Top 40. He has even played the Grand Ole Opry. Not bad for a guy who couldn’t afford the dollar menu at McDonalds.

The best part it is, he is just getting started. New songs such as “21,” “Home to You,” and “Happy Hour” are equal parts fun and lyrically catchy. Allen seems to have it all and has worked hard for over 10 years, so don’t expect him to slow down any time soon. Add this guy to your Spotify playlist. Better yet, go seem him at a local country festival.