Chris Lane Brings the Heat in New Album “Laps Around The Sun”

The weeks leading up to the release of Chris Lane’s new album were filled with new songs being released prior to the actual album drop. They were all so good that it made me a bit worried that he was releasing the best songs ahead of time, leaving country music fans disappointed with the rest of the album. That simply isn’t the case.

Not only is the rest of the album phenomenal but he gave us 14 songs. In an era where artists tend to release a single here and there or an EP, I absolutely love it when an artist gives us fans a complete album.

The thing that stands out to me is the overall growth that Chris shows on this album. It’s nothing against his first album “Girl Problems,” which was a great debut album, but on “Laps Around the Sun” there seems to be a difference. The melodies have more meaning to them and Chris seems to truly connect to the lyrics. This album is going to keep the momentum going for him as he’s just scratching the surface of superstardom.

The best song lyrically on the album has to be Hero. Chris described it by saying “I’ve never recorded a song quite like this one.” The first verse is brutally honest and you think the songs going in a certain direction. The second verse hits you just as hard, and the third verse will make you cry if you haven’t already.

Sun Kiss You is a fun song to play during summer as you head to the beach with your significant other. This is the type of song that Chris is so good at it.

Looking at the track list there’s one song that will catch your eye just from the title. New Phone, Who’s This. Even if you’ve never actually texted this back to someone, you’ve definitely thought about doing so. And that’s exactly what Chris is talking about here.

Number One is the classic song about “the one who got away.” He sings this with emotion that makes it believable that he’s actually singing this song about someone. That’s the common theme on this album as you listen to each song. It’s his best work yet.

By Aaron Wagner