Celebrating 25 Years of “Chattahoochee.”

Alan Jackson’s absolute smash “Chattahoochee” officially turns 25 this year.

Around this time in 1993 it was spending three weeks at the top of country charts. Not only is it one of Jackson’s most iconic songs, it’s one of the most recognizable country songs in the last 25 years. Everyone knows the sound of the song and it is played over and over at parties, on the boat, or cruising around town.

Chattahoochee earned Jackson a CMA Award for Best Song and Best Single in 1993.

Jim McBride was the songwriter who got the inspiration for the song from a poem called “Song of the Chattahoochee.” McBride was familiar with the river and had a feeling Jackson would be as well. As soon as McBride shared the idea and a few lines with Jackson, he wanted to finish it on the spot. They finished it in a day or so and the rest is history.

Who can forget this music video for it too? Peak 90s country here.