Artist You Need to Know: Mitchell Tenpenny

A Nashville native, Mitchell Tenpenny doesn’t have the stereotypical “Nashville” sound that people are use to hearing when it comes to country. With a unique raspy voice, Tenpenny is able to sound so authentic and real that you truly believe the lyrics he’s singing pertain to him. He sings about real stuff and sings it in a way without any filter.

HIs claim to fame and what put him on the map was none other than Granger Smith. Tenpenny co-wrote Granger’s hit single “If The Boot Fits.” He followed that up by releasing his self titled EP this winter which features his hit song “Drunk Me.”

His raspy voice naturally draws comparisons to Kip Moore and I think that’s fair. He’s just scratching the surface of his potential with his songwriting and his ability to come across as authentic is what’s going to hopefully make him a star.

If The Boot Fits – As mentioned he co-wrote this song with Granger Smith. Granger’s version is good, but hearing Tenpenny’s stripped down, acoustic version of the song is incredible. I’m not going to say it’s better, but I’m not going to say it’s not either. It’s such a good rendition.

Bitches – Get past the song title and play along with me for a bit. The thing that people love about country music is the honesty in the songs and you can’t get more honest than this. Sure, it’s very unconventional but I think enough people can relate to this song and that’s what makes him different.

Alcohol You Later – Again, he sings about real things which is what country music should be about. His raspy voice and fun, uptempo music to this song makes it so catchy. It’s a fun play on words too.

Drunk Me – This is the classic country song about not being over someone yet. Most people can relate to the song Tenpenny sings and about how you think you’ve moved on, but in reality you haven’t. All it takes is some liquid courage and those feelings come bubbling to the surface again. This is his best charting single as well, cracking the Top 40 and reaching #35.

By Aaron Wagner