Tim McGraw’s Top 10 Hits

This is going to be difficult. I alluded to it when we went through Faith Hill’s Top 10 hits in yesterday’s writeup. Narrowing down Faith Hill’s songs to her 10 best was hard…but this is something else.

Tim McGraw has around 30 #1 hits depending on which charts you go off of. Then there are smash hits like “One of These Days,” “For A Little While,” and “She’s My Kind of Rain” that peaked at #2. From 1994-2002, every song that Tim released was a Top 10 performer on the charts. That’s nuts.

What really impresses me about Tim McGraw is his overall longevity. I think you could say the same thing about Kenny Chesney and Keith Urban. They’re all around 50 years old and have never slowed down once they got started. It’s not just that they’re still making music and touring, it’s that they’re dominating the charts. Simply amazing.

The same rules that we used for Faith Hill’s list are still in effect – no duets or features in the Top 10 list.

#10 – My Next Thirty Years

Written by Phil Vassar, this song spent 5 weeks at the top of the charts from 2000-2001. The song has a happy-go-lucky feel to it as Tim reflects on where he is in life, what he’s thankful for, and what he’s looking forward to.

#9 – Everywhere

This one spent two weeks in the number one spot in 1997. The story is about a small town couple where one person wants to venture out and see what else is out there, while the other wants to stay home. It’s such a simple concept but Tim is able to bring out the emotional side of it.

#8 – Just To See You Smile

This hit spent six weeks at the top of the charts and at the time – a record 42 weeks spent on the charts. Upbeat, the authentic country sounds you hear in this song with his vocals is what makes this song timeless. You could hear it on the radio in 2018 and it wouldn’t feel out of place.

#7 – Humble and Kind

This is perhaps is biggest single as of late, especially in the 2010s. It received a ton of recognition for the messages of positivity, respect, and kindness – especially in this crazy world we live in. Lori McKenna wrote the song from her home one day as a song about things she wanted to tell her kids. The hardest part for McKenna was keeping it under 5 minutes.

#6 – My Best Friend

I mean is there a better country love song to dance to at a wedding than this one? It’ll get you right in the heart as it truly evokes so much emotion. It’s easy to picture Tim singing this song to Faith but it’s just as easy to picture this song being about your special someone.

#5 – Live Like You Were Dying

The ultimate song about perspective. Tim hoped to inspire his fans to live life to the fullest, take chances, and to not take anything for granted. He truly sings from the heart as the lyrics are about the story of his dad being diagnosed with cancer. Everyone can relate to this song on some level. A huge success, this song spent seven weeks at #1 and cleaned up at the awards shows wining best song and best single at the CMA’s and ACMs, while taking home a Grammy for Best Country Song.

#4 – I Like It, I Love It

While Tim is able to really tug at heartstrings with most of this songs, he’s also able to kick it with some party and tailgate jams. I Like It, I Love It is such a pure 90s country song it takes you back down memory lane. Crank it up loud and sing even louder.

#3 – Don’t Take The Girl

Arguably his most honest and emotional song, this one ended up becoming his first number one song. Following the life of Johnny’s love for the girl and their relationship as they navigate difficult life situations is the entirety of the song. It’s a different way of telling a love story but Tim did so flawlessly.

#2 – Something Like That

One of Tim’s most popular songs, this is a fun one to sing karaoke to, blast with the windows rolled down, and play during a summer day playing yard games. This was 90s/early 2000s country and songs like this is what made it one of the best eras of music in any genre. According to Nielsen, it was the top played radio single in any genre in the 2000s (2000-2009) with over 487,000 spins.

#1 – Where The Green Grass Grows

This has to be his most recognizable song, especially the opener with amazing violins to kick things off. It’s the ultimate country song about wanting to move back to where you grew up – the country. The glitz and glam of the city is appealing but at the end of the day, nothing beats living “where the green grass grows.” Everyone knows the words to this one.

Listen, if I had 100 people rank their Top 10 Tim McGraw songs I highly doubt we’d find any lists the same. He’s had so many hits you almost forget about some of them. In any case, Tim dominated the country music industry as soon as he began in the 1990s and he’s still dominating the charts in 2018, with no signs of slowing down anytime soon.

Chances are that after reading this list you’re in the mood for some Tim McGraw. Luck for you, we have a 54 song playlist made for you featuring the very best of Tim McGrw.


By Aaron Wagner