Faith Hill’s Top 10 Hits

It’s officially Faith Hill and Tim McGraw week here at Raised On It.

The Soul 2 Soul tour is making a stop in Green Bay and we will be there. Because of that, this week is going to have a Tim and Faith theme to it, so be sure to check back throughout the week for more Tim and Faith content.

We’re starting with Faith Hill’s Top 10 hits. Frankly, this was so hard that I’m almost dreading Tim’s Top 10. Faith Hill is a bona fide country music superstar with 11 #1 songs under her belt. Being married to Tim McGraw is just the cherry on top. There’s an entire generation of country music fans that were raised on Faith Hill, and in particular an entire generation of female country listeners. It usually goes something along the lines of “Reba, Shania, Faith, Trisha, Martina.”

For the purpose of this article, as well as Tim’s, we’re not including any of the duets they had as we’re saving that for a different piece. 

#10 – There You’ll Be

This might not come to mind immediately when you think of Faith Hill but it’s one of her most powerful songs. While rumors have it that Celine Dion was first offered the song, Faith ended up recording it and using it in the movie “Pearl Harbor.” This song ended up being her highest charted song in the UK and will forever be connected to the movie.

#9 – It Matters To Me

This is a peak 90s country ballad that is filled with raw emotion and the powerful vocals from Faith Hill. This ended up being her third #1 song.

#8 – Let’s Go To Vegas

When you think of Faith Hill, you think of cheerful, fun, love songs that stick in your head. “Let’s Go To Vegas” peaked at #5 on the country music charts. The music video though? It oozes of 90’s country.

#7 – If My Heart Had Wings

This is honestly one of my personal favorites from her. It went as high as #3 on the charts but is such a peppy love song that puts you in a good mood. Heck, I’ve even listened to this on the treadmill.

#6 – Breathe

This song and video ended up becoming a turning point for Faith Hill. She received a lot of criticism for the music video as many called it “racy” which is crazy when you think about some of the music videos that are created nowadays. None the less, the song and video catapulted her to the top of country charts for six weeks. The song ended up becoming a huge hit outside of country too, as it reached #2 on the Billboard charts making her a force to be reckoned with in the entire music industry.

#5 – Wild One

This is the song that started everything. As the debut single in 1993, it reached the top of the charts setting the stage for a legendary career we’re all familiar with today.

#4 – Mississippi Girl

This is one of the more important songs for Faith Hill in my opinion. After dominating the charts in the 90s and early 2000s there were a few years she didn’t crack the Top 10 with a song. That changed in 2005 with “Mississippi Girl.” It was a reintroduction to Faith for country music fans and it worked as the song reached #1.

#3 – The Way You Love Me

This song and video is iconic. Music videos in the 90s were so much better than nowadays, weren’t they? I vividly remember watching the music video on CMT growing up. This song reached #1 as it is one of her most well-known songs to date.

#2 – Piece of My Heart

If you’re making a 90s country playlist, this is one that definitely needs to be included. The song was originally recorded by Erma Franklin in 1967 but became well-known when the Janis Joplin led Big Brother and The Holding Company recorded it a year later. Faith Hill re-recorded it with more of a country song and it worked as it was her second #1 song immediately following “Wild One.”

#1 – This Kiss

When you think of Faith Hill, this has to be the first song that comes to mind for most people. It reached the top of charts in 1998. Similar to “The Way You Love Me” this music video was well-received but interestingly enough, she was pregnant during this shoot so they had to scramble to find new clothes for her during the process.

Check out our Faith Hill playlist that includes these 10 songs as well as a few others that were super difficult not to include.

By Aaron Wagner