Phil Vassar’s Top 10 Singles

When you think of the early 2000s you think of Tim McGraw and Kenny Chesney dominating the charts, but there are numerous other artists who were successful during those years. One of those is Phil Vassar. The “Piano Man” as we like to refer to him as.

If you weren’t listening to country music in the early 2000s, there’s a good chance you either haven’t heard of Phil Vassar or don’t recognize his top hits. That’s a shame. Phil Vassar has two #1 singles himself and wrote two #1 singles for Jo Dee Messina. He has a total of eight Top 10 hits as he was truly in his prime for those years.

One of the things that makes Phil Vassar so great is that he wrote and sang from the heart. His songs are relatable and lyrically catchy. His ability to relate to country music fans is what makes him one of the best aspects of country music in the early 2000s.

#10 – The Woman in My Life

A heartwarming song from a male’s perspective appreciating the women in his life from his mother, to his wife, and finally to his daughter.

#9 – Good Ole Days

This song puts you in the party mood.

#8 – Six Pack of Summer

It’s such a good summer song whether you’re on the water, sitting in the hammock, drinking a beer on the porch, or sitting around the bonfire.

#7 – Last Day Of My Life

One of the things that makes Phil so great is that he is so real when it comes to his lyrics. This song puts things into perspective and really makes you think.

#6 – Love is a Beautiful Thing

Who doesn’t love “love?” In a world filled with plenty of negativity it’s important to keep you friends and family close.

#5 – That’s When I Love You

Again, his ability to connect with listeners through relatable lyrics is second to none. That’s When I Love You is exactly that.

#4 – Just Another Day In Paradise

Hey, life can be hectic sometimes. Especially if you have a busy job and a big family. It really is a gift to cherish though.

#3 – American Child

Going the nostalgic direction in a song is never a bad idea as Phil is able to accurately paint a picture that is so relatable to all of us. We’re fortunate to grow up in America and have the freedom to be whoever we want.

#2 – In A Real Love

This #1 single from Phil Vassar was inspired by the moment his wife came to him with a pregnancy test. A theme of “life can be messy” is found in other songs of his but none as “real” as this tune.

#1 – Carlene

This song should’ve have reached #1 but when you look at the other singles that it was up against during this time, it’s less surprising. Carlene is just a fun song to drive around to and if you’re a 90s country baby chances are you know all the lyrics to this one. Plus, videos in the 90s and early 2000s are a treat to watch.

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