Their Best Work Yet: Dan + Shay’s Self Titled 3rd Album Has It All

Yesterday, Dan + Shay released their third album and it is jammed packed full of goodies. In typical Dan + Shay style there’s a good mixture of deep and emotional songs along with the songs that are perfect for summer car rides and bonfires. There is something for everyone on this album, but if you’re a Dan + Shay fan you’re going to love all of it.

With three #1 singles already under their belt (and “Tequila currently at #3) it appears Dan + Shay are on their way to country music stardom. It was only five years ago that we were introduced to them with their nostalgic hit “19 You + Me.”

If you don’t follow both Dan Smyers and Shay Mooney on social media platforms, both of them got married last year, while Shay also had a baby. Listening to the entire album song by song, you can tell that their wives have been their inspiration for their new music. They’ve sung emotional love songs songs on prior albums, but the ones on this album seem to take that up a notch.

It’s difficult to narrow down which song is the best one on the entire album. As mentioned, Tequila is inching closer to #1, but there’s a song on this album that features Kelly Clarkson. Kelly Clarkson and Shay Mooney singing together? With those two together, Keeping Score is amazing as you think it would be. Let’s hope we get to hear them in concert together or performing at an awards show. I’d bet a lot of money that this one shoots to #1 as soon as they release it as a single.

One of the more fun songs on the album is Alone Together. It’s such a catchy song that is pretty playful lyrically. If it’s not this summer, this could be a summer song for 2019 that dominates the charts.

The ultimate love song on this album has to be My Side of the Fence. They reach down deep in their hearts to find the picturesque lyrics to describe their love for their other halves. Potential wedding song? I think so.

Make or Break is the song that accurately describes how complicated relationships can be with some people. Dan + Shay are often compared to Rascal Flatts and this is one song that definitely could’ve been written for them as well.

There are plenty of other gems on the album. It’s safe to say that they aren’t going away anytime soon as there are plenty of potential hits on this album to carry them over the next two years. Shay’s literally perfect lead vocals combined with Dan’s ability to harmonize is what makes them great. They seemed to inject even richer and more meaningful emotion into this album and as fans we are rewarded with their best music to this day.