Under the Radar: Filmore

If you’re a fan of the modern country, especially the type of music that has a pop spin on it, then you need to be a fan of Filmore.

Tyler Filmore is the full name of the artist that goes by Filmore. He’s definitely in the mold of a Sam Hunt & Chase Rice. He doesn’t have as country sounding of a voice as those two but if you’re a Sam Hunt & Chase Rice fan, chances are you’re going to like Filmore.

There’s also a bit of an R&B sound to Filmore that creates a pretty cool sound when mixed with country. Most of his songs are catchy as hell and while it’s hard to put him in a box, he can definitely push the boundaries in the country music genre.

Filmore toured with Russell Dickerson this past winter so he’s starting to play in front of some pretty good size crowds full of country music fans. I think it’s a matter of time before one of his singles catches on. It might have to be with a new record label or maybe a song catches on with country music radio.

Slower – This is my favorite song by Filmore. It’s such a catchy tune with all sorts of unique sounds added to it.

Headlights – Immediately sounds a bit more country than some of his other songs. However, he’s able to add the Sam Hunt/Chase Rice sound to it and it comes across as a cool song.

You Know You Wanna – This one combines all sorts of genres from some of the more traditional sounding country with pop sounds, all with a bit of rap thrown in.

Echo – One of my favorites by him. It has a neat sound to it while highlighting the range and different sounds Filmore can add to songs.