Back at Last – Sugarland Returns With New Album “Bigger”

They’rrrrrreeeeee back!

The much anticipated return of Sugarland has finally arrived. They didn’t disappoint either.

You almost forget how great of a sound Sugarland is. Jennifer Nettles powerful lead vocals is one that stands out, even on its own. Kristen Bush’s supporting vocals and his instrumentals supporting the songs are what enhances each song and makes Sugarland who they are. It’s just going to be great having them back on the radio consistently again.

Now to the album. “Bigger” is a collection of songs that all have a unique story to tell. If I had to give a theme to the album it would have to be authenticity. You can feel the raw emotion in each song, no matter what the message is. It’s so honest and vulnerable, which in turn makes it come across as authentic.

A number of songs have a theme of positivity and gratitude. That doesn’t mean there isn’t the occasional sad song where you feel like Jennifer Nettles is singing specifically about your struggles.

Overall, there’s a lot to like on this album. There are quite a few songs that have potential to be singles, and even reach the tops of the charts. It’s great to have Sugarland back. Now let’s hope that they’re here to say for awhile.

Songs You Need to Listen To:

Still the Same was actually released as a single back in 2017 shortly after announcing their reunion. People may have forgotten about it. It’s a song about love but there is a double meaning referencing their return to country music as a duo.

The most well known song so far on the album is Babe. Written by Taylor Swift, Sugarland invited her on the track to add vocals as well. You can feel the emotion that Jennifer and Taylor are trying to convey but they balance it out perfectly with Jennifer’s powerful lead vocals and Taylor providing the supporting vocals.

If you’re looking for an uptempo, positive song then On a Roll is the song for you. A simple but fun song about living in the moment and simply enjoying the good times.

Mother is an ode to all the mothers out there and the role they play in all our lives. It will definitely pull at your heartstrings.

Lean it On Back has a really cool sound to it. I don’t know how to best describe it other than it’s a “chill” song about being confident but letting the chips fall where they may.

One of the best songs on the album that is super powerful is Love Me Like I’m Leaving. The ultimate heartbreak tune about always coming back to the comfortable even though one of these days, you might decide to not go back and will just keep driving away. The chorus and hooks will get you right in the heart.

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