More of the Same with Dierks Bentley’s New Album “The Mountain”

When Dierks Bentley announced that his new album would have a new sound to it I think it gave some fans a heart attack. Dierks hinted that there would be more of a bluegrass sound to it than what fans have been accustomed to. He’s been dominating the country charts for most of his career and isn’t afraid to try new things and push the boundaries.

That being said, this album isn’t that different sounding from what people were lead to believe. There are a few songs that have strong banjo sounds to them but for the most part it’s more of the same for Dierks.

However, there really isn’t that party anthem on this album. Nothing that really makes you want to crank the volume up at a party or a tailgate. There’s nothing wrong with that but it’s the one thing that’s missing from the album.

Dierks is a great storyteller and his smooth but raspy/rustic voice makes him unique. His songs stand out because of his voice. It’s hard to pinpoint which songs on this album have potential to be singles but there’s no doubt he will find success from this album.

Songs You Need to Listen To:

Living is my favorite song on the album. Dierks show off his full range but is able to connect with you on a personal level through his relatable lyrics. Another hit for him.

Another one of my favorites is Goodbye in Telluride. A bittersweet song about seeing the end in sight. However, he doesn’t want it to end in such an incredible place. He doesn’t want Telluride, Colorado to be ruined for him.

Brothers Osborne joins him on Burning Man. A fun song to drive around to and overall a pretty neat collaboration. This is a sneaky pick of mine to reach the top of the charts as a single.

Travelin’ Light is the one bluegrass sounding song on the album. Other songs have hints of it but this one is definitely a folks/bluegrass song. Is there a more bluegrass song than one about traveling? I think not. Brandi Carlile joins him on this duet.

The last song on the album is How I’m Going Out. The beauty in this song is that it’s totally up to your interpretation. It can literally be about the end of your life. Maybe it’s the closing of a chapter. It might even be about reaching the top of the mountain in whatever industry you work in and realizing nothing will ever be as good as it is now. It’s definitely worth a listen.

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