Under the Radar: The Shires

If you haven’t heard of The Shires don’t be ashamed. Chances are there’s a valid reason you’ve never heard of them. They aren’t from America. In fact, they are from England.

The Shires is a male-female duo featuring Ben Earle and Crissie Rhodes. Both were actually on The X Factor (different seasons) but for some reason neither made it far in the show. Seriously, when you hear their voices you’re shocked that neither made it further as a solo artist on the show.

While country music isn’t too popular in the U.K., that narrative seems to be shifting. Whether it’s Country 2 Country or some artists adding a Europe leg to their tour, country music is becoming more mainstream across the pond.

A big reason for that is the success of The Shires. They’re continuing to climb the music charts and are setting milestones as one of the first British-based country music acts. Not only do I hope they continue to gain popularity in England, I sincerely hope that more people here in America give them a listen. They can do the party song or the emotional ballad. And most importantly, their voices are second to none.

Stay The Night – Ed Sheeran wrote this song specifically for them. I have your attention now don’t I?

Guilty – This is my favorite song from them. A fun song that you crank when you’re cruising around town.

The Hard Way – It has a nice country-pop sound to it that you can imagine hearing on the radio from a group like Lady Antebellum.

Stay With Me (Sam Smith Cover) – Covering Sam Smith is no easy task.

I Just Wanna Love You – This is one of their first songs and their most streamed song on Spotify. It’s simple but their harmonies are breathtaking.

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