No Sophomore Slump for Michael Ray’s Second Album “Amos”

Following his successful debut album that featured songs that reached #1 and #2 on country charts, it doesn’t appear like Michael Ray is going to be hitting a sophomore slump. Sometimes the hardest part about being an artist is making that second album or finding that second single to follow up the first smash single with.

Amos, named after Ray’s grandfather, is a phenomenal album that allows Ray to showcase his deep, but smooth country voice on a variety of songs, most with a bit of a pop element to it. Don’t get me wrong – it’s definitely country – but the pop elements he’s able to bring in really enhances some of the songs on the album.

I really do believe that this is his best work yet. There are a few songs that have potential to reach the top of the charts or even be career changers for him. After successful 2017s from the likes of Kane Brown and Brett Young, 2018 might be a banner year for Michael Ray. Enjoy this one, there’s a lot to like.

Songs You Need To Listen To:

The album starts off with a must listen in Fan Girl. I’ve had this one on my playlist since he released it and I suggest you do the same thing. It’s a super catchy way to express your love for that special someone.

One That Got Away is the very next song and is a fun song about living for the night knowing that the girl you’re talking to isn’t going to talk to you ever again after a night of tequila and dancing.

The lead single off of Amos is Get To You. If you really enjoyed Ray’s first few songs you’re going to enjoy this one. Ray sings about trying to break down a girl’s wall that she’s put up due to past relationships. Ray shows off his range on this one.

Her World Or Mine will tug at your heart strings as Ray sings about a past relationship. The only problem is that it meant more to one than the other. We’ve all been there.

Dancing Forever might be my favorite song on the album. I’m not sure it will be released as a single, and while the lyrics are mysterious, you can definitely feel the raw emotion that Ray is singing with. There’s many ways you can look at this song. On one hand it could be about a romantic relationship that is about to end, but his love will never end. On the other hand, it could be about loving someone who is suffering. Ray actually sang this song to survivors of the Route 91 Harvest Festival shooting and it takes on a new meaning when you listen to the song with that in mind.

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